The Value of a Button Down Shirt

The Value of a Button Down Shirt

Mar 2nd 2019

Just in time for summer, CBO is proud to offer Upperline button down shirts this season. Known for its luxe fabric texture, broad cloth, end on end weave is the new “man’s best friend” during the warmer months. These shirts are 100% cotton, light weight and “modern cut” so they look great tucked or untucked,

As traditional button down, you can wear the shirt both “up” and “down” around town. Pop on a blue blazer and khakis or just wear it with your favorite shorts while cruising on your boat.  It's your choice! Best of all, you can choose from ten vivid coastal colors that will make you standout in the crowd. When compared to others, you’ll be glad you selected this shirt. Not only is the attention to detail in each shirt’s construction, we priced them at $24.95, which will ultimately leave you a lot left over for that well-deserved beer!


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