Stylish and Sporty - Sun Safety

Stylish and Sporty - Sun Safety

Mar 14th 2019

As the days are getting longer and the sun is beginning to warm your spirits, it is time to think sun safety. You know you should always wear sunscreen, but did you know that medical experts say clothing is the best defense against sun damage?

Gone is that ugly white t-shirt your parents made you wear when you started to burn. Welcome to 21st Century sun protection with UPF clothing. UPF 50+ fabrics will block 98% of UV radiation.

So, throw on a cute SPF top and welcome Spring! Our tops from UBKul come is a wide variety of exuberant and colorful prints, while at the same time offering superior protection, high- tech design and moisture wicking fabrics.

Remember, sun-protective clothing doesn’t have to be boring: it can be light and bright and fashionable and fun. And when chosen and used correctly, it’s the best form of sun protection you can find.