Simplicity In Cashmere

Simplicity In Cashmere

Mar 2nd 2019

What is the most versatile piece in your wardrobe, comes in a myriad of colors, is one size and you can wear it any season? Answer: our cashmere dress topper from Claudia Nichole Cashmere. If you don’t own one (or two) here’s, why you need to.

Simplicity abounds with this piece.  It can be worn so many ways depending on your mood, outing or venue. This will become your perfect "go to" piece for those impromptu excursions. Wear it onboard a harbor cruise or jout to your favorite neighborhood restaurant.  These signature pieces are versatile for any climate and with over 50 colors to choose from,  why just have one? Made of 100% two-ply cashmere with a body length of 20 inches they are truly one-size fits all.

With a color palette second to none, you could spend hours trying to narrow down your selection, but never fear, they are only $125.  So undoubtedly you’ll find yourself at “cashmere anonymous” meetings working through your new collecting habit!

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